When is sony updating its e readers

Amazon Kindle e-readers offer the company's excellent Free Time Unlimited parental controls and child profiles.Plus, through the integration of the Goodreads social network, avid readers can connect with fellow bookworms and get new book suggestions.Everything about this device, including its machined aluminum back, excellent automatic lighting adjustments and very well-lit screen (using 12 LEDs) screams perfection.It even deserves its Oasis moniker, now that its IPX8-rated water resistance means it survives — and can be used — while it's submerged in water.While Amazon's Kindles range from the Kindle all the way up to the luxe 9 Oasis, Kobo's e-readers come at similar (but higher) price-points (from to 9).Barnes and Noble's only e-reader is the Nook Glow Light 3, which costs 9. Amazon wasn't the first company to release an E Ink e-reader (that was Sony, which launched the Librie in 2004), but the Kindle's release in 2007 sold out in 5 hours.And if you've finished a book you've bought and decide you want a physical copy, you can use Amazon's Kindle Match Book program to get a discounted paper version.You'll also get more Kindle perks if you live in a Prime household, "over a thousand books, magazines and comics" with Prime Reading. Through the Family Library feature, you can link two Amazon accounts to share books across devices.

If you're looking for a mighty convenient way to devour books, we've tested a ton of e-readers, and believe Amazon's 9 The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite offers the best balance of features and price.

The least complicated of the Kindle e-readers costs just , making it perfect for a bookworm on a tight budget.

This E Ink device is lightweight and easy to use for hours, includes a touch-screen display, and offers Goodreads integration and Free Time Unlimited.

However, you will have to go without a backlight and forgo superslick construction.

The best e-reader there is, the Kindle Oasis is the excellence of execution for Amazon's vision of a luxurious reading experience.

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