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The quality and content of the release is set to create a landmark in the history of music DVDs.

The huge crowd brings a terrific spirit to the homes of all U2 fans, and the interaction with fans is much better here than in Boston.'Elevation 2001- Live From Boston' was shot on June 6th at the Boston Fleet Centre with 20 cameras under director Hamish Hamilton. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of - International Version10.

Documentary films are mainly produced for instruction, educating and recording historical events. Keep in mind, that some documentaries are just made to discredit some particular person, party, organization, system etc.

This Online Portal tries to take care to offer only prejudice free and non-biased films, which are worth watching.

What seemed somewhat artificial and nervous in the Boston show, you can see much better here - the band enjoyed playing a second time in front of such a crowd at Slane Castle.

40The most noticeable fact about this concert is the perfect mood the band was in on this evening.

This second disc also features 'Road Movie' - a 5 minute time lapse sequence showing the staging of a rock and roll concert from empty arena to a full arena and back to an empty arena again.

The “real” documentary is characterized through its journalistic & scientific research and it strives to adhere to known facts.

The presentation of visual images and also the style of the narrator, try to present the truth, without personal statements or distortion of reality.

Since the development of the motion picture, in the beginning of the 20th century, documentaries have been made.

One of the first was the work of the French cinematographer Joseph-Louis Mundwiller (1886-1967): the 7-minute documentary “Moscow Clad in Snow” (1909).

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