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inadyn officially runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Open BSD.

Update Client Configurator – Generate your conf file after reading how to run inadyn inadyn can be configured by command line options or by a configuration file.

This is done by providing appropriate SRV RRs in the DNS infrastructure.A default configuration file is /etc/under Unix systems.The location of the config file can be given to inadyn via the update_period_sec 600 # Check for a new IP every 600 seconds # Enter your Dyn username and password here username your-login # your Dyn username password your-password # your Dyn password # What kind of host is being updated?Starting /ffp/bin/mediatomb -d --interface egiga0 --home /ffp/var --cfgdir mediatomb --add /mnt/HD_a2/home/media2012-11-23 INFO: Media Tomb configuration was created in: /ffp/var/mediatomb/config.xml2012-11-23 INFO: Loading configuration from: /ffp/var/mediatomb/config.xml2012-11-23 INFO: UUID generated: 1cb927f9-20ca-4a15-9101-b45ebf497a432012-11-23 INFO: Checking configuration...2012-11-23 INFO: Setting filesystem import charset to ASCII2012-11-23 INFO: Setting metadata import charset to ASCII2012-11-23 INFO: Setting playlist charset to ASCII2012-11-23 INFO: Configuration check succeeded.* /ffp/start/... Starting /ffp/sbin/telnetd -l /ffp/bin/sh* /ffp/start/inactive* /ffp/start/inactive* /ffp/start/inactive* /ffp/start/inactive* /ffp/start/inactive* /ffp/start/inactive [ Szerkesztve ] egy db WD30EFRX ment bele, de nem latja.Kicking webs ...killall: webs: no process killed* /ffp/start/.../ffp/etc/lighttpd.conf: Required file not found or not readable* /ffp/start/.../ffp/etc/inetd.conf: Required file not found or not readable* OK [ Szerkesztve ] no, két eszközről terhelem, egyiken megy egy új backup, mert a régit nem engedi folytatni új köteteten, ez 62GB, 10/100 lanon átlag 5MB/sés wifin folytatom a mentéseket, 32GB, 10-12MB/sbírja Egyedi nyomtatott telefon tokok: | Mai ajánlatunk: hulye kerdes, de ha be van allitva a schefuled power off, akkor is kikapcsol, ha van folyamatban aktiv transzfer? beraktam asztaliba, ott igy nez ki:compatbility listan is fent van [link]uj fw-t nem talaltam hozza.

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