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The savages, who had been used by Burnham to attack strikers and political opponents, stabbed to death Jesuit Father Bernard Darke, a lecturer and writer with the Catholic Standard, who was covering the march.

After Burnham died in office in 1985, his successor, Desmond Hoyte, did authorise that some of the criminals who had acted on Burnham’s behalf, be charged with various offences. Of all Burnham’s sins, though, the victim that continues to haunt Guyana’s politics is Rodney.

Such a man could not be allowed to live, not in Guyana where Burnham, who was installed in power in 1964 by the British and United States governments through rigged elections (I shall direct doubters to hard evidence if they wish), and whose political life depended on keeping Indo- and Afro-Guyanese at each other’s throats.

So Rodney, who attracted support across the race-divide, had to die.

Sankhya Television is "Focusing on the cultural and spiritual development of society."We at Sankhya Television saw it fit to invest our resources into society which will benefit the current and future generation.

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And his innovative method of imparting knowledge and stimulating the minds of the masses by leaving UWI’s Mona campus where he lectured to “ground with the brothers” in urban Kingston in 1968, which led to him being expelled from Jamaica, was one spark that helped ignite black consciousness across the Caribbean, leading to the events of 1970.

His ghost stalks the incumbent government: President David Granger leads a coalition that includes the PNC and ironically, the WPA.

Also, Granger is a retired brigadier, so he must have been a junior officer in 1980 when Sergeant Smith orchestrated Rodney’s death. And what would Rodney make of his one-time comrades in the WPA being in alliance in government with Burnham’s PNC?

But for now let's focus on those high fashion frames!

They're by Fendi and we love the signature zig zag shaped arms, which makes them instantly recognisable.

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