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Their departure has resulted in a shortage of women on the Faroe Islands.

They have such a shortage of women, that some of the men have taken to importing women from the Philippines and Thailand to marry and increase the population.

The import brides have clear reasons for their marriage choice: Russian women marry Norwegian men because of the ‘Norwegianess’ – meaning that Norwegian men are more domesticated than Russian men therefore Russian women have less domestic responsibility and more ‘freedom’.

South-east Asian woman marry Norwegian men because they want to up-grade their lifestyle and also use it as a means to support their family in Thailand.

Klaksvik City Center This tourism video will show you a little more about these beautiful Faroe Islands.

Podcast interview with Interracial Marriage and Family founder Lorraine Spencer and how it all started.

Some Norwegian men use this power to control their spouse.

Isolation can make one creative and I would not be surprised if these women started teaching classes in the Filipino or Thai language, culture and dance. Many make sacrifices for love buy be true to yourself.

White women, African, Caribbean and Latina as well as Asian women should consider finding a mate in the Faroes Islands. It will be just a matter of time before we see other women seeking opportunities for marriage and family in the Faroes.

Anyone up for bringing in Black History Month or African celebrations to the Faroes? If some African or Latin American women had the means and opportunity, they would be there too, married with children. Lenora Young, who is an expert in black woman-Scandinavian male relationships says that the concept sounds wonderful as theory.

The FIs join the rest of the world with their famed G! The hottest musical acts around make much anticipated appearances as this mega concert event. But being able to cope in isolation with not much to do could be challenging for sisters who are used to big city living or comfortable urban settings. I agree it could be hard for some and maybe even unbearable, but for others it may not be that much of an issue if they have found true love and want to give it a try.

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