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- Before for Cumulus 1.x.y: - After for Cumulus 1.x.y: Within Cumulus 1.9.x, click Configuration, Internet Settings (for Cumulus MX the interface is as described in the MX part of the forum) Within the Sites/Options tab you should see (Picture is Cumulus 1.x.y interface) a frame called 'web site' in the top left corner: Next, click on the Files tab: What you do here depends on which Cumulus version you are using.Make sure both “Include Standard” Files and “Include Standard Images” are ticked in Cumulus 1.• And a breadboard to put it together on • A USB cable for power. First let’s get the Sparkfun electric imp Breakout (April board) ready.I tend to use stackable headers for breakout boards like this as it allows me to plug into a breadboard plus have connectors on top of the breakout board as well (my view of best of both worlds).This is really a personal choice and you may want to use some other method.As you can see in the first two pictures, I used the Stackable Header - 1 x 10 – Standard from Electron Hobbies. Readily available sizes for these are 6 pin, 8pin and 10pin.• 10k ohm Resistor 1% 1/4W • Some connectors (I used): o Stackable Header - 1 x 10 – Standard as it allows me to plug into a breadboard, but also access from the top.o Break away headers - straight - brake off three pins for the jumper connection to select USB/Battery • Some hookup wire (I use a 40P 80mm dupont wire, male-male terminated with pins and tear off what I need).

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You may wish to create a sub-folder to store your weather site, but for this purpose we will assume not.[Edit 2014] The planner that was used by Electric Imp is no longer used and not available anymore.[/Edit]This is a small project to get you started with the electric imp and a Thermistor so you can see how you can get temperature readings updating live on a web site.This instructable will address both the hardware and the web site along with all the parts in between.Your web server receives this as parameters attached to the URL, logs it, and displays the result.You're going to need the following: • electric imp • Sparkfun electric imp Breakout (April board) • Thermistor - NTC 4.7Kohms 2% Radial as the temperature sensor.

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