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Their minimalist invitation was made from environmentally friendly paper and had the number 1,825 written on it, the exact amount of the days the two have spent together as a couple.

In 2005, v Bulletin 3.5 was released that addressed some of the shortcomings of 3.0 (discussed later on).v Bulletin 3.6 was released as a stable version on 3 August 2006.

Version 3.8 introduced more new features, such as social group discussions, social group categories, private message sorting and filtering options, private message history, quick edit for newer types of content (visitor messages and picture comments), social group icons, social group transfers, a private message quick reply box, private message throttling (limit messages sent over a time period), private message reporting, profile privacy (limit blocks to a subset of users), lightbox navigation, thread prefix permissions, and dismissible notices.

Her husband, whom she began dating after they starred together in The wedding was held at Aston House at W Seoul’s Walkerhill, with a thousand invited attendees, where some notable actors and actresses were also present.

Right now, the two are happily settled with their two children.

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