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"If you weren't raised in an integrated environment, that is definitely going to be a concern."And with white currently seen as polyamory's default norm, at least from the outside, those within the community may neglect to consider those from other cultural and/or socioeconomic backgrounds.

"The default in our country is whiteness, and the default in our country is heteronormative," said C.

The perception of poly as white extends beyond media and pop culture and into academia, where nearly every study of polyamorous people to-date focuses on white subjects.The same relationship problems exist in a polyamorous relationship that exist in a monogamous one outside legalities. There are a few quiet moments in the day in the life of a polyamorous person, which reminds me that it's worth it.Whose parents are coming over for the holiday, and why, and is feigning sick an option? I have had special occasions where, because of circumstances, my biological family couldn't be with me and a partner (or partners) stepped up to the plate to help. If you're being forced to do anything against your will...." It dawned on me, in that moment, that a conversation that I had had with one of my closest friends, who had asked first about my open relationships, had been overheard.Open relationships, also known as polyamorous relationships, have existed since biblical times and can be found in 31 relationships in the Christian Bible. Various other relationships may have, by descriptions of their family, consisted of more than one wife.

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