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And luckily, there's always someone to take a photo or video to show everyone at the Welcome Home Ball!Short stories connected to photos, all involve Spock.Series of drabbles involving ailments, injuries, or complaints involving all characters.

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If any one actually likes this and wants me to continue please review and I may make it a 2 parter! (This came from that one shot in the trailer of Chekov in a shirt..isn't gold. ) Slash Dean and Sam have just lost their mother when John begins to wane in his role of father. The remainder are the kind that dump emotionally traumatized versions of his First Officer in Jim Kirk's lap, and are a different sort of nightmare altogether.Set after Star Trek: Into Darkness, and features a reboot of the TOS episode "Shore Leave." Credit goes to Brittany Diamond's Ship's Closet Analysis for inspiring a certain scene in this. Average Vulcan body temperature is approximately 8.6 degrees lower than humans'. When those bluer-than-sky eyes had glazed over, it had felt like someone had torn his insides apart and removed something He can still feel the empty spot inside of him calling out for the missing A companion piece to Funny stories of the Enterprise and her crew dealing with the boredom of five long years in space.It is only logical that Spock would eventually become cold within his lover's quarters. How about some practical jokes and unfortunate accidents to pass the time?Set the year after Into Darkness when the crew has returned to the Enterprise."You, Mr.Spock, you cannot even break a rule, how can you be expected to break bone? Sometimes you can only tell a person how you really feel in a letter that they will never ever read. As Commander, it is Spock's job to oversee and assist his Captain. There's never time to rest.74 years ago, the humans and the mutants entered the fiercest war this world has ever known.

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