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Once there, she saw a shop she wanted to peek into… It wasn’t the sunset proposal he planned, but Jessica says Ryan’s sweet, impromptu proposal was even better once she found out about his first attempt.

Here’s their wedding story: Jessica and Ryan wanted a small, intimate destination wedding for their family.

He selected the perfect spot to pop the question and managed to get Jessica there without suspicion. but when he realized his parents and Jessica’s parents were scheduled to attend a basketball game together later that night, he decided he needed to go ahead and propose before his parents could spill the beans.

They ordered a drink as Ryan waited for the perfect moment. Jessica was completely unaware that Ryan was about to propose and she spoiled the moment by telling Ryan she needed to find a restroom. On their way to dinner, Ryan found a secluded spot under the stars and asked Jessica to be his wife.

Also, Charlotte’s dad was scheduled for surgery and she wanted to have the wedding before the surgery so he could walk her down the aisle.

The couple decided to tie the knot on New Year’s Day, 2011.

Large urns of roses in various shades of pink flanked the ceremony site and rose petals lined the aisle. The couple had a fun day planned including a spa day and brunch at Ross Bridge.

Jessica and Ryan said their vows just as the sun began to go down on the magnificent setting. Charlotte did not know that David had talked to her father in July about marrying her.

In fact, many of the decisions brides struggle with were easy for Charlotte.

Project Runway alum and BFF Heidi Elnora designed Charlotte’s wedding gown.

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