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According to the , was published in 1639 by William Pierce in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Generally, almanacs were printed on what was considered cheap paper.Included on the online catalog are titles for almanacs available in the MSC N,040 collection, and in microfiche or microfilm as part of the Early English Books collection (MB/FM,820, E12w or MB/FM820, E12p), the Early American Imprints collection (MB/FF,810.8, E12), the Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature collection (MB/FM,330, G62), and the Eighteenth Century collection (MB/FM,820, E34) Abbott's Calendar, or Rome Almanac: Rome, NY: W. Abbott Bookseller: 1862: Box 1 Agricultural Almanac: Lancaster, PA: John Baer: 1837, 1840-43, 1845, 1851: Box 1-4 Agricultural Almanac: Lancaster, PA: John Baer & Sons: 1855-1859: Box 1-4 Agricultural Almanac: Lancaster, PA: John Baer's Sons: Box 1-4 Agricultural Almanack: Philadelphia, PA: Solomon W. Almanac: Albany, NY: The Press Co.: 1883, 1885, 1887, 1888 (2), 1890 (2), 1891: Box 8 Albany Press and Knickerbocker Almanac: Albany, NY: Ino A.Mc Carthy: 1898: Box 8 Albany Times-Union Carriers' Address and Annual Almanac: Albany, NY: The Times Union: 1893 (2): Box 8 Allen's New England Almanack: Hartford, CT: Peter B.Essentially, although there is a risk of litigants unfairly seeking to harm an opponent through deliberate efforts, the risk is outweighed by the importance of candor and truth seeking in court proceedings.There are other ways to address improper, baseless or unethical conduct by opponents during a litigation proceeding.

An almanac, in its simplest form, is a book containing a calendar that includes notations for holidays and holy days, as well as astronomical information such as the rising and setting of the sun and moon, the phases of the moon and high and low tides.

S.: 1854: Note: In bound volume: Box 275 American Protestant Almanac: NY: E. An Astronomical Diary, or, An Almanack: Boston, MA: D. Southwick and Co.: 1795: Box 49 Annuaire présenté au Roi, par le Bureau des Longitudes: Paris: Bachelier: 1842: Box 49 Annual: Troy, NY: C. Mac Arthur & Son: 1893: Box 499 Annual Connecticut Register, and United States Calendar: New London, Connecticut: Samuel Green: 1823 (2), 1825, 1826 (3): Duplicates of 317.46 C 75: Note: Another copy 1823 bound with copy 3 Connecticut Register and United States Calendar: Box 169 Annual Illustrated: [n.d.]: [n.p.]: 1881: Box 50 Annual Messenger, or Farmer's Almanack: Boston, MA: Sylvester T.

Walker: 1846: Box 40 American Rowing Almanac and Oarsman's Pocket Companion: NY, NY: Engelhardt and Bruce: 1873: Box 40 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society: 1835: Box 501 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society; Packard & Van Benthuysen, Printers; Stereotyped by G. Loomis: 1835 (4): Box 41 American Temperance Almanac: NY, NY: Clinton Hall: L. Goss: 1820 (2) impf.: Box 50 Annual Visiter: and Citizen and Farmers Almanac: Wilmington, DE: James Wilson; M. Lockerman: 1808: 1425: Box 50 Annual Visitor; or Almanac: Baltimore, MD: Thomas, Andrews and Butler; W.

The courts in Connecticut essentially come down on the side of barring subsequent claims of this type that are based on conduct during a litigation proceeding.

The reason is policy based, in part, because the courts do not want witnesses and litigants to fear reprisals for raising legitimate facts and arguments in court.

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