Kuky dating

clearly THATS not the hubby, the hubby is doin the filming. Theres someting about watching stuff like this that make them seem sexier.

"Yes we're not the best lookin in the world, yes we're smart and have to many hobbies..we can fuck like animals!

“Lucky you,” Ondra grumbles to his yellow elephant creature, “with your washable tag.” But Ondra prays, and down at the dump, Kooky magically comes to life just in time to avoid being crushed.He should have cum on her tits and face when he pulled his cock out of her pussy.Also want to see her on top in the 69 position with her titties rubbing his balls.i used to fuckk a girl like that in my freshman year in college..had a big ass like that but with a pretty face.she always wanted me covered while inside her but i could pull it off and cum on her ass and back. Love those big floppy tits as he fucks doggy style.

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