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See, that’s what will end this “rape accusation” wave.

It won’t be a feeling of guilt or self-reflection or moral clarity. It will be in a moment of panic when an undeniable pattern starts to emerge, and all these ladies decide that its better to just go to back to ignoring it.

Great work by Michael Lesher, but now he must REJECT this pedophile cult, Orthodox Talmudic Judaism. Because it is a sewer that has polluted the Middle East and the Western World!

Long before it became "fashionable" to be a victims' advocate, his law practice represented victims of abuse at little or no cost.

His trailblazing investigation of the Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz case, tracked his footsteps to Israel, the D. His tenacity in pursuing sexual predators in the Jewish community, served as a model to me in my dogged pursuit of Jewish and gentile child-rapists, and the Jewish establishment and rabbis that maliciously covered up their crimes, destroying an untold number of young lives.

Indeed, prophets take upon themselves the full weight of shame and scandal they protest.

The Yiddish word shonda has this double meaning of a "shameful act" and the "public exposure of scandalous information," as attorney Michael Lesher sets forth in his book, "Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities."Lesher has met adamant resistance to his work because of the unwelcome exposure it brings to his own people and to those rabbis who want their unquestioned power to dominate even secular government.

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