Internet explorer tools for validating xml and viewing xsl

This means that, to constrain XML data according to the values of individual elements or attributes, the standard approach for relational data does not apply.

Instead, you must create that represent the XML data of interest, and then use those virtual columns to define the constraints that you need.

For example, on big-endian platforms, the BOM required of a UTF-16 data stream is .

In the absence of both the encoding declaration and the BOM, the XML entity is assumed to be encoded in UTF-8.

For example, the encoding of the data can be obtained from the because these two data types are always encoded in the database character set.

This chapter also further explains Oracle XML DB concepts introduced in Chapter 1, "Introduction to Oracle XML DB".

You exploit this structural knowledge to create virtual columns, which the database can then use with constraints.

The technique is as follows: data as you would create virtual columns using any other type of data, but using a slightly different syntax.

Examples include registering an XML schema and performing an XSL transformation.

The easiest way to make these XML documents available to Oracle Database is to load them into Oracle XML DB Repository.

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