Google updating cached pages

Download this zip file, and import it into Desktop Server.

Badabing badaboom, you have a local version of the site and can break it at will.

Typically, plugins that run purely in the Dashboard with no front-end interface will be safe to automatically update, including: Be sure you have a recent, good backup of your site you can use to restore from if an update or upgrade goes horribly wrong.

Read this post on how to backup your files and database.

Hackers can immediately write bots to automatically crawl the web and exploit these vulnerabilities.

Outdated themes, plugins, and Word Press version are the number one way hackers gain access to your site (besides brute force hacks of your login).

The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Changes might be made to templates and how data is stored in the database that are more easily managed in increments.

Also, more importantly, updates can be critical for security.

Backup, read the documentation, and upgrade with caution and spare time on your hands.2.1 – This is an update to the major version.Again, it represents bug fixes and should be done right away.Updating themes can be a little tricky because updating will overwrite any customizations you’ve made to the theme’s files (if the changes were not made in a child theme), and can overwrite the theme options you’ve set, too.View Slideshare Presentation on How to Update Word Press Safely If you don’t want to worry about logging into your site constantly to perform updates, you can use one of these tools to automate tasks on your site or multiple sites: each of these tools, you can select which plugins and themes are “safe” to auto update and which plugins or themes you should pay attention to and manually update.

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