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Some of the concerns that came to my mind as I looked at many of the clips were the grainy quality of production, the sets, which looked like typical Nollywood sets, and the sexual health and safety of the actors involved, given that the clips often feature unprotected sex.

Women who are involved in activities that are deemed 'immoral' face the brunt of society's judgement.

She released a hardcore porn movie earlier this year, co-starring an actor who used the pseudonym 'Mandingo'.Curious about what, if anything, this has to say about the state of a porn industry in Nigeria, I started on a digital adventure to find out more.Wild on Twitter Responding to a new 'follow' on my Twitter account sometime last year lead me to several Twitter pages dedicated to sharing explicit content, including photographs and videos."People are not ready to make porn in Nigeria but they're always on international porn sites," Kingtblak said.Indeed, it has been suggested that Nigerians search for more pornographic content online than Americans.

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