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Whenever efforts have been made to bring in anti-terrorism measures, they have been stymied by spineless politicians, judges or European directives.

No one knows this better from bitter personal experience than former Home Secretary David Blunkett, who fought an ultimately fruitless battle to rid our streets of Islamist terrorists.

Why were they even let back into the country if their overriding desire was to kill everyone they deemed to be infidels?

The problem for our security forces, as they try to clamp down on the jihadist menace, is that their hands are tied by domestic legislation, and by conventions imposed on us by the European Court of Human Rights.

With each new act of butchery comes a fresh wave of revulsion — along with a deep sense of foreboding that worse inevitably lurks around the corner and a steely British resolve to carry on as normal, to not let the terrorists deprive us of our liberties.

But after the appalling suicide bombing in Manchester on Monday, something feels very different.

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Watch really hot tall girls using their skills and lust to deal extra tasty dicks in no time.The British people have come together in an extraordinary outpouring of shock and rage — sickened to their stomachs at the images of angelic young girls whose bodies were torn apart in a hail of nuts, bolts and nails triggered by a jihadist.It will come as little surprise to many to hear reports that the suspect, Salman Abedi, may have been known to our security forces as an individual who posed such a threat.After the September 11 attacks in 2001, he was unable to remove terror suspects from Britain to their homelands, or find another nation prepared to take them.So he started jailing them in a bid to protect the public while maintaining what was determined to be fair judicial process.

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