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“The consumer filed a complaint with us in December,” he says.“The complaint is still open here, and we are working with the consumer and Preferred Partners to get a resolution.” Fiona Dunbar is a dispute resolution officer for the Ontario BBB.Despite repeated calls to Preferred Partners’ head office in Toronto, no one replied to Xtra’s requests for an interview.Mark Fernandes, of the BC BBB, confirms that Jones filed a complaint and says it’s still active.“I’m a professional, and I was honestly looking for someone who was in the same place as me in wanting a relationship.” Jones called Preferred Partners’ Toronto head office and was immediately scheduled for a preliminary interview at the company’s Vancouver office at 828 Drake St.During her initial interview, Jones says, the matchmaker told her to write down everything that she was looking for in a potential partner.“I assumed that this wouldn’t be considered one of my six matches, as I never would have accepted had I known of the situation,” she says.

“The reality is that we’re all looking for love,” she says.

The company soon offered her another potential match, but this woman was older than Jones’s desired age range and had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Jones declined the date and immediately called Preferred Partners back.

"Entre Nouz" is a memoir in which the authoress compares and contrasts her life in American culture with her experience as a citizen of France.

Debra Ollivier was born in America and had her first encounter with French culture through a native French boy whom, briefly after meeting her in a class, cooked her dinner in her own home.

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