David tennant and karen gillan dating

Matt, your version of the Doctor is very quixotic, which has gone over well. While you’ve made the Doctor your own, you’ve also been able to keep the core of who the Doctor is.

Is that something you brought to the role, or is that something that was on the page? GILLAN: What’s interesting about it is that you’re not just doing it for the sake of it. He’s not human, so he’s not familiar with the everyday things that we are, as humans. Did you specifically set out to look for that core of the character? There are fundamentals there, but it’s a bit like playing Hamlet.

I try to be as inventive with Steven’s writing as possible, really. Do you think it’s different with Doctor Who, in the sense that people can constantly compare you to past Doctors?

After a very impressive and shocking first half of the season, that left viewers waiting on the edge of their seats to find out how one of the most exciting cliff-hangers and plot twists ever would resolve, .

Although they were very tight-lipped about any plot points, co-stars Matt Smith (who plays the Doctor himself) and Karen Gillan (who plays the Doctor’s companion, Amy) talked at the BBC America portion of the TCA Press Tour about how their lives have changed since becoming a part of the show, how they both enjoy taking unexpected risks with their characters, what they were most nervous about and what they have the most fun with when it comes to taking on such iconic roles, who their favorite actors are in Question: Matt, how has life changed since you’ve become Doctor Who? I get to come to America a lot more than I used to.

GILLAN: I kind of had an instinct about her, when I first read the script. Did you know much about her, before doing the role? She was completely iconic, but weirdly not really remembered, compared to someone like Twiggy, who actually came after her. I was working in a bar in London, trying to get acting auditions and all of that, and then I got scouted as a model and thought that had to be a better way of subsidizing myself than working in a bar. I did some runway stuff, and some campaigns and editorials. I know what it’s like to go to eight castings a day and traipse around. Did either of you have any apprehension about doing ? There’s always a bit of career pressure that comes with playing a role like the Doctor and being involved with this show, but I think it translated as a good pressure and one that hopefully we’ve both thrived off of. We get along famously well, so it’s a happy place to work.

All I really knew that I wanted to do was keep the child very much alive in the character. What has this done for your careers, and for getting other film and television offers? But, I knew about her because I’m interested in photography and I knew about David Bailey. And, every two weeks on , the set is completely different, the world is different and there are new actors coming in. What were you each the most nervous about, in taking on these roles?

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