Dating parker pens

Note that one will NOT run across pens with date codes that seem too early!

The anomalously late date codes also tend to cluster around certain years and certain models, further indicating that they were not applied in error, or arbitrarily.

"QC" would thus stand for the second quarter of 1980.

Another method of designating the quarter was used from 1987 on, in which the year letter was preceded by three vertical bars in the first quarter, two in the second, one in the third, and none in the fourth.

One will run across anomalies, where pens bear date codes that seem much too late.

These seem to be the result of Parker clearing out stocks of old parts, assembling them into pens years after they were originally produced.

NOTE: Many 51s from 1946-47 bear a "T" prefix (the examples we have seen run from the 2nd quarter of 1946 to the 2nd quarter of 1947, with the T6 date code being the most common).

The system was dropped not long thereafter (the earliest US date code we have seen is "34"; the latest, "55").In the later '30s the code was changed to a single-digit form, with the year number surrounded by up to three dots.Three dots indicated the first quarter, and in each subsequent quarter, a dot would be ground off the die, so by the last quarter no dots remained.Canadian-made single-jewel Vacumatics were produced into the 1950s, bearing a single-digit date code in a much larger font than that used for US production.A similar date code may also be found on other Canadian-made Parkers of the same era.

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