Dating in cedar city utah

In 2006, Beaver won a contest for best tasting rural water in the United States.Beaver is located in eastern Beaver County, along Interstate 15, the main artery for the state of Utah. The peaks in these mountains rise to over 12,000 ft (3,700 m).Beaver was developed between the settlements in the Pahvant Valley and those in the Parowan Valley.

Indigenous peoples lived in this area for thousands of years, as shown by archeological evidence.In 1847-1848, Mormons from the United States developed a trade route through the Beaver River valley between their new settlements at Salt Lake City in the Utah Territory and Los Angeles, which was still part of Alta California, Mexico.The original route crossed the river 3 miles downstream from Beaver at the site that later was developed as Greenville.The historic Southern Paiute inhabited the region well before encounter with the first European explorers.The 1776 Dominguez–Escalante Expedition is the first known European exploration in this area.

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