Dating clinic

The government’s emphasis on healthcare fraud and abuse, and compliance have heightened the importance of accurate billing.

Because of such issues, medical practices are striving to improve their revenue cycle processes.

The notice must be completed thoroughly in order to be valid.

A modifier is needed on the claim to signify if the notice has been offered or not.

A script should be followed to present the notice to the patients.Although a provider must be comfortable with the method used to document a patient visit to a medical practice (handwritten, dictated, electronic medical record), it is good to have a written policy that addresses key issues such as timeliness of completing the records, recording the patient’s name on both sides of a double sided form, dating and signing each entry, recording all procedures performed (blood draws, immunizations, injections, lesion removals, ear lavages, etc.), and recording a diagnosis for each visit in the medical record.The policy should address what the nursing staff will be responsible for documenting and should provide general guidelines on what an office note and an office consultation should include.Great guest relations practiced by the providers and staff will go along way in attracting and maintaining a loyal patient base.Ongoing physician and staff education regarding all processes in the revenue cycle and their interrelatedness will help reduce problems in the revenue cycle.

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