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In this version, he explains that the Electrical Charge of the Cases was able to turn an Electric Tooth Brush, he was carrying, in to a Drill, implying that is how he Escaped.

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Guests will participate on an adventure to save Groot, who was left behind after the escape from the Collector's Fortress.

I really feel like I’m not going to be triggered to do anything stupid, or anything bad,’” Carter, 29, […] Someone very special is coming to town!

Jenna Dewan Tatum sported a Santa Claus suit while gifting rescue puppies.

The Guardians thank the guests, but as the lift resets itself, Drax breaks the fourth wall and is clearly heard wondering why they should be thanking the guests as all they did was sit through the whole ordeal and did not actually do any fighting.

There are six different versions of the ride, each with its own song, visuals, and drop sequence.

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