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Another difficulty is that the real owners are sometimes hidden behind a nominee.This is especially true when the venue is reputed for hosting illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution or gambling.It comprises KFC Indonesia (Gelael Group, close from Suharto), the Kartika Chandra Hotel (Sudwikatmono from Andika Group, a member of Suharto family) and the Grand Ancol Hotel which is the previous name for Alexis Hotel.One certainty regarding Millenium Club is that it was founded by Cahyadi and Haryadi Kumala, who are also the owners of Sentul City and the Golden Boutique Hotels.The legend that circulated for years about the Stadium was that it belonged to a General in the Indonesian army who was previously a boss at Pertamina.The only person to fit the description would have been Ibnu Sutowo but he died a few years before the Stadium opened.In the latest news, they were imprisoned by the KPK in a corruption case (see here).There is a possible link beween the Kumala brothers and the Gang of Nine: Millenium was located in Gadja Mada Plaza, owned by Artha Buana Sakti which belonged to Tommy Winata.

Gadja Mada was then sold to the Lippo Group in 2007.As with his other family members, he has very close ties with the Suharto family.As advertised on their website, Pulau Ayer Resort is part of the Classic group.In a study of Jakarta's sex industry written in 2005 (available here), John Mac Dougall, a graduate from Harvard University writes the following: "Rudi Rajamas controls the most lucrative sex industry venues while Apow focuses largely on gambling.Both of these men are subordinate to Tommy Winata, a man with tremendous authority in Jakarta’s entertainment establishments and districts." If you speak Indonesian, you could also read the following report from Tempo about the Gang of the 9 Dragons which controls drugs, prostitution, gambling and all mafia activities in Jakarta:"Isi Perut 'Geng Sembilan", May 31st 1999.

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