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By using intelligent scanning, Kaspersky is able to proactively protect you from emerging threats while working in the background and not compromising performance, which is what any user should look for from their antivirus software.

Kaspersky offers a nice set of pricing options should you need protection for more than 1 PC.

Kaspersky's System Watcher feature will record recent changes to your system and allow you to roll back harmful changes caused by malware.

It works like Microsoft's System Restore feature included in its Windows operating system.

Kaspersky also offers a 14-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee should be unsatisfied with the product.

While we don't think you'll be unsatisfied with Kaspersky, this is a nice guarantee and something you usually don't see from antivirus companies.

The setup will pick secure settings by default so the novice user doesn't have to worry about configuring Kaspersky correctly.We highly recommend creating a rescue disk in case some particularly serious malware finds its way into your computer and you can't even boot your computer's operating system.Kaspersky is also optimized for netbooks and laptops, and allows you to disable scanning while on battery power.Kaspersky offers a unique "Hybrid Protection" feature.It uses the power of the cloud and many users being connected to Kaspersky's security network to detect and quickly stop emerging threats (See the "Protection Level" section below for more info).

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