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The term Batangan means a raft which the people used so that they could fish in the nearby Taal Lake.

It also meant the numerous logs found in the Calumpang River, the body of water that runs through the northeastern portion of the town and assumes the shape of a tuning fork.

Native settlements lined the Pansipit River, a major waterway.

He named the Late Paleolithic Period of the Philippines as the Batangas Period in recognition of the multitude of jade found in the excavated caves in the province. In 1572, the town of Taal was founded and its convent and stone church were constructed later. It was named after the name that was given to it by the Muslim natives who inhabited the area.

Beyer identified that the jade-cult reached the province as early as 800 B. Officially, the Province of Bonbon was founded by Spain in 1578, through Fr. In 1581, the Spanish government abolished Bonbon Province and created a new province which came to be known as Balayan Province.

Like the nearby tribes, the Batangan or the early Batangueños were a non-aggressive people.

Partly because most of the tribes in their immediate environment were related to them by blood.

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